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If you have Crohn’s Disease (also known as Crohn’s or CD), you are acutely aware of the impact this chronic condition can have on your everyday life.

The Pizzicato study is a clinical research study designed to assess the actions of two oral investigational medications and placebo on people with moderate to severe Crohn’s Disease.  The two oral investigational medications are PF-06651600, a JAK-3 inhibitor, and PF-06700841, a JAK-1/TYK-2 inhibitor, which are each designed to inhibit different targets in the inflammatory pathway.

The information on the ClinicalTrials.gov will give you an overview of what being in the study would mean for you and whether becoming involved could be right for you. If you have any further questions, please Contact Us.

Meet the Doctors


Christina L. Errichiello


Michael J. DiGiovanna


Dr. Omer K. Masood, M.D.