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The DiGiovanna Institute for Medical Education & Research was created by the vision of its founder, Michael J. DiGiovanna D.O., CPI, to bring the latest medical advances into the daily practice of Primary Care Medicine for the betterment and improved health outcomes of patients suffering from chronic diseases.


Since its inception in 1990, the DiGiovanna Institute for Medical Education & Research has had a mission, based on its Vision Statement, of bringing the latest advances in the medical sciences to patients suffering from chronic diseases. This mission is to be carried out utilizing the holistic philosophy of Osteopathic Medicine, recognizing the patient as a whole and individual entity. Under this philosophical approach, clinical research is to be applied to each individual patient as a partnership with each patient, seeking to improvement the quality of their lives through the mitigation of the chronic disease process.

Our mission also seeks to bring the advances made in clinical research with the individual patients to the population also suffering from these chronic diseases. Through this mission of partnering with the individual patient suffering from chronic disease, the DiGiovanna Institute for Medical Education & Research also seeks partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), chronic disease foundations and philanthropic organizations, biotechnology companies, and other major clinical research academic institutions to collaborate, develop, test for safety and effectiveness, achieve regulatory authority approval and incorporate into the daily practice of medicine significant scientific advances which lead to the improvement in the treatment of other patients afflicted with chronic disease.

The final piece of our mission is not just to help develop the latest scientific advances in the treatment of chronic disease, but to disseminate and share the knowledge gained from our experiences to future generations of healthcare providers. Through affiliations with medical teaching institutions, the DiGiovanna Institute for Medical Education & Research seeks to directly, and with a “hands on” approach, train the next generation of healthcare providers in the latest medical advances, “best practices”, and how to apply these advances back to the individual patient.